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Vision puts the user first, creating curated content that’s easy to digest.

Vision is an LMS with a difference, breaking down content into easy to understand groupings - boxsets and seasons. Vision gives the user agency, putting them in control of their learning.

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Choose the media that’s right for your users.

Everyone learns and consumes content differently.

Vision gives you the freedom to choose what media will engage your users in the best way. Choose from Text, Video, Web Link, Download, Video Embed, Audio, Screen Recording or and e-learn (SCORM)

Choose your media, upload your content and create a visual for your item. Simple.

You can upload your previous e-learning content by selecting the e-learn/SCORM media type

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Easily create beautiful boxsets and engaging content, it’s got style and substance.

Our world class UX let’s you easily create engaging items before adding them to your freshly made boxset.

Simple and effective, our content builder will have you creating captivating content for your users in no time!

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