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Huler and Ph.Creative partner to deliver holistic employer brand activation

Written by
Robyn Till

Huler, a leader in employer experience and work-tech solutions, and Ph.Creative, a renowned employer brand consultancy, today announced a partnership to provide businesses with an integrated approach to creating and implementing powerful employer brands. 

Huler’s flagship SaaS product, HulerHub, offers an experience layer that plugs into a company’s tools, content and resources; allowing them to create a seamless, branded, and personal experience for their employees. 

Ph Creative, meanwhile, are known for their strategic storytelling prowess, helping companies define their unique employer brand and crafting powerful narratives that resonate with their target talent pools, using their proprietary Give & Get framework. 

In addition, HappyDance, Ph.Creative’s award-winning careers site SaaS product, provides a flexible, scalable and innovative solution to bringing a brand’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) to life and drive meaningful talent attraction results.

The partnership promises to bridge the gap between crafting a compelling employer brand story and bringing it to life through intuitive technology; empowering organisations to attract and retain top talent through an engaging end-to-end employee experience. 

Nicky Hoyland, CEO and Co-Founder of Huler, said: “We’re thrilled to partner with Ph.Creative, a leader in crafting authentic employer brand stories. This partnership combines expertise in brand strategy with HulerHub’s intuitive technology, and addresses a critical gap in the market. Whilst companies often recognise the importance of employer branding, they struggle to implement it effectively across all touchpoints, and this collaboration provides the solution.”

Together, the partnership delivers a holistic solutions that encompasses: 

  • Strategic employer brand development: Ph.Creative will craft authentic and compelling brand narratives that resonate with a company’s talent audience and existing employees.
  • Digital employee experience: HulerHub offers a user-friendly platform to activate the employer brand at every stage, from recruitment to onboarding, engagement and offboarding.  

Bryan Adams, CEO and Founder of Ph Creative, added: “We’ve seen countless companies struggle to activate their employer brand beyond their careers page. HulerHub fills that crucial gap with its powerful technology. 

“This partnership is incredibly exciting for us because it empowers employer brand professionals to elevate their work beyond just crafting the story – they can now bring it to life at every stage of the employee journey and is a real game-changer for the industry.

“I’m sure this partnership will be met with lots of enthusiasm from employer branding professionals and businesses alike due to its combined focus on strategy and technology. 

“Together, we’re posed to empower organisations to build and sustain a thriving workplace.”  

To solidify this exciting partnership and its future impact, Huler and Ph.Creative will be hosting a joint event in March 2024. Hosted at the prestigious Asia House in London, the event will welcome talent professionals for an afternoon of insightful discussion around the future of employer branding, and strategies to expand it through the employee experience. 

Attendees will gain valuable insights from industry leaders, network with peers, and explore how this powerful collaboration empowers organisaitons to build thriving workplaces that attract, engage and attract top talent in the years to come.

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