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Employee Experience Platform Supercharging
Digital Experiences
for people first organisations.

Take control of the appearance, feel, and interactions your people experience while using your systems - on any device, anywhere, any time.

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The world's most engaging and intuitive EXP.

Our employee experience platform delivers a truly consumer grade UX that can be branded to suit your organisations requirements while your people can personalise what matters to them - driving engagement and productivity.
What we do

A smarter way to work together.

Huler makes working together effortless. Create personalised collections and circulate them quickly and easily with your colleagues internally, or share them outside of your organisation with new starters, clients and customers. Sharing useful information internally and externally has never been easier with visual and engaging collections accessible from anywhere on any device.
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“By investing in our digital learning systems we can ensure our managers have real-time access to what they need, when they need it, to help their teams learn and develop."Hannah ThomsonChief People Officer

A fresh take on legacy intranets…

Legacy intranets are slow, clunky, and boring. These outdated solutions are no longer fit for purpose. And are often the source of poor engagement and high employee turnover. Instead, HulerHub offers a new-age alternative. An employee experience platform that enriches the employment journey with personalized digital experiences.

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