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Phone showing Huler in Light mode
Phone showing Huler in Light mode
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HulerHub provides a quicker, intuitive and personal way to use links. Creating an endless way to sort, organise and easily access your most awkward to find files and deep links into simple tiles and collections. Making your boring old links into something you want to engage with and more importantly... actually find.

Bespoke User Customisation

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Nothing but love for Huler... ❤️

    "You know when you see something and think, this is absolutely right.?... It is a perfect combination of adding the human element to technology. It will be something to celebrate."
    Lori Niles-Hofmann
    Senior Learning EdTech
    "Sites, tabs, sign-ins, APIs. Huler elegantly makes these background considerations. The desktop for your digital world? You bet. Settle on Huler.”
    Perry Timms
    CEO | PTHR
    "Huler is a remarkably innovative way to change employee experience. It meets the needs of today's digital/remote working world. You don't know you need it...but, you do…"
    Laura Mazzullo
    Owner | East Side Staffing
    "Huler is something you rarely see: workplace tech that is both incredibly useful AND very user friendly."
    Matt Smith
    Snr Director | Alight Solutions
    "Legacy systems become less of a headache when you have an easy way to integrate them and create a unified user experience. Many have tried, Huler will succeed."
    Michelle Hazelton
    Managing Director | Anders Pink
    "I am seeing organisations focusing on their employees experience more than ever. Huler is in a great position to drive this forward and support organisations by delivering the infrastructure to support the overall employee experience, not just focusing on 1 element like a LxP or LMS. Looking forward to seeing how this one plays out!!”
    Jonathan Fletcher
    Group Head Of Learning Operations | Capita
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  • Experience
safer than fort knox

Enterprise-grade data protection.

Built with the Highest Standards for Privacy and Data Security, Huler is vigilant about your privacy. With Huler you can build on the most secure global infrastructure. In Huler we trust.

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