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Huler Improve Environmental Awareness Through Bespoke Learning Content

Written by
Suzi Archer

Subsea7, one of the UK’s global leaders in delivering offshore projects and services for the energy industry, has launched, with the help of Huler, a bespoke content creation provider, a brand-new Environment eLearning module to their entire workforce of over 5000 employees.

Subsea7, which operates in 33 countries around the world, works on multiple energy projects globally every year. The company identified Huler as the best-in-class content provider to lead their changing onboarding offering around health, safety, environment and quality. Their particular focus on the environment, energy transition and raising awareness of how employees, individually and together, can contribute to a more efficient, environmentally responsible, and sustainable future in what has traditionally been considered a very environmentally unfriendly industry, was key.

Sarah Bailey, Group Learning & Development Manager at Subsea7 said,

“This eLearning is a great way to highlight to our people how we can be a positive influence on the energy transition. It’s well laid out and clear, but personable messaging shows how each of our employees can play their part and help the business to achieve their goals. This was the perfect solution for a global, diverse workforce that need to be joined up in supporting our net zero ambitions.”

Nick Fussey, Head of Content at Huler added,

“We managed to create a truly unique style and approach to an incredibly important topic. It was so much fun coming up with clever ways of seamlessly combining the design style, interactivity and messaging into something that would resonate with every single learner and help drive positive change across the whole business. We really feel this was a win-win for both parties involved”.

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