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Dynamic Search

Find it, whatever it is, faster.

The new smarter Huler® search dynamically organises your results into simple visual tiles and collections whilst highlighting the matching terms and tile tags. So even if you don’t know what you’re searching for, you can find it with ease.

We reinvented the tile

It can be whatever you need it to be.

The new Huler® tile system provides a quicker, intuitive and personal way to use links. Creating endless ways to organise and access your links, software, files, entertainment and systems in a cool and engaging way. Here are some examples…

Spending hours prepping for those client meetings? Of course you are, it’s important. HulerHub will let you quickly link examples of work for new pitches, organise your latest documents for projects or easily create a collection of videos, assets and websites in one place, ready to share with your teams.

Notification Centre

You’ll simply never miss a thing.

The new smart Huler® Notification Centre allows you to view more information at a glance. Notifications are now visual, grouped by type, and allow you access to what’s changed in real time with a single click. As Aerosmith said… I don’t wanna miss a thing.

The Library

Created by you, for you.

What type of collections will you create?

It’s time to think past the Intranet. Times have changed and our lives are super busy, so we need a quicker way to get to content and information. HulerHub let’s you add your latest product launch, company reports or employee handbooks as tiles for everyone to see rather than trying to use a slow and clunky corporate portal. Helping your employees find the information they need in minutes, rather than browsing for hours through a labyrinth of deep links.

Customise your Hub

Making it yours.

Simply change the look by customising the accent colours or adding your brand logo to create your unique hub. Then populate it with the tiles that are distinctly yours.

As a business, your brand is more important than ever. Yeah Huler has a cool design but that doesn’t mean it’s right for your company. With HulerHub you can update the look with your logo and brand colours. All changes are synced across all your devices and can be undone at any time. 

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