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It’s a new era for digital employee experience.

Deliver outstanding people first employee experiences with HulerHub.

Empower your people to work from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

HulerHub turns digital chaos into calm.

With HulerHub, your employees can access all of your organisation’s tools, documents, systems and news from one simple, attractive platform.


Mimicking the design interface of your smartphone, tiles provide your employees with a fast, simple, convenient (and customisable) way to access what they need, when they need it. From content, tools, news and more – they can customise their tiles to suit their preferences.

Want to make it fun? Customise your tiles with images, colours, gifs and videos to bring a smile to their day.


Messy file storage is now a thing of the past. When your teams are working across different tools and locations, finding and accessing your files can go from a simple 5-second task to a lengthy and frustrating experience.

Now you can upload, manage and share files inside your HulerHub. Helping you shrink your processes from days to minutes, whilst ensuring your teams stay on the same page. So even if you’re on your morning commute, you’re most important files will be right there with you.


Cut through the noise and share the right message, at the right time, with the right audience. From company-wide memos, new starter news, or a team update – with articles you can tailor your internal communications quickly, and reach the right audience faster than ever before.

Need to track engagement? With real-time analytics you can analyse engagement to shape your internal communications strategy and prove your ROI.

Seamless Peer-to-Peer Recognition

Celebrate your successes and create a positive company culture with our peer-to-peer recognition feature. HulerHub makes it easy to say thank you or acknowledge a job well done. A virtual high-five is only 2 clicks away, helping create a sense of belonging and increasing your overall employee engagement.

P.S. it’s also a super handy feature for those end-of-year reviews.


Remote collaboration made easy. Cut down search time and focus on what matters most with collections.

Quickly create and share a collection of content relating to a particular project, theme or topic in one place.

External Collections

Whether they use HulerHub or not, you can wow your partners and clients by sharing your collection in an instant. 

Internal Collections

From on-boarding through to exit, reduce information overload, through easy to curate collections of content across your employee experience journey.


Stay consistent and on-brand by customising your HulerHub with your company’s logo, brand colours and more. No design or tech expertise needed. 

Audience Management

Revolutionise your internal communications with personalised content.  HulerHub’s audience management feature allows you to segment who receives your content based on attributes like location, department, job role and more.

As well as keeping your people informed, this tailored approach has been proven to increase engagement and boost productivity.


Measure your ROI and track engagement with real-time analytics. 

With HulerHub’s analytics, you can can:

  • View login frequency and activities by the hour
  • Identify the most popular days and time of the week
  • Take a deep-dive into the most popular tiles
  • Analyse your organisation’s engagement rates
  • Understand software usage and streamline your tech investments

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