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The Personalised Employee Experience

Create personalised, people-first employee journeys that prioritise wellbeing, enhance collaboration, boost productivity, save time and skyrocket engagement with the HulerHub EXP.

Employee experience redefined.

Simple & Easy To Use

HulerHub was designed for simplicity. Employees don’t need special training to use it, and they can easily access the information they need from anywhere.

Our employee experience platform delivers an engaging experience inside a simple, truly consumer-grade interface. So your employees don't have to spend time hunting for information they need - everything they want to know will be within easy reach

Why HulerHub?

Increase ProductivityLightning Bolt+25% Faster
Intuitive Interface

The office in your pocket.

Work From Anywhere

Hybrid work is rapidly becoming the norm. But when everything your employees need is hard to access it can be frustrating and time-consuming.

HulerHub makes it easy to stay connected, informed, productive and efficient, enabling and empowering everyone to work from anywhere at all levels of your organisation.

Are you talking to me?

Unmissable Internal Comms

Communication is key to an exceptional employee experience.

HulerHub allows you to personalise each employee's journey by highlighting the most relevant content and engaging them with tailored content presented in a visual, engaging digital workplace.

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Nothing but love for Huler

“By investing in our digital learning systems we can ensure our managers have real-time access to what they need, when they need it, to help their teams learn and develop."Hannah Thomson | TravelodgeChief People Officer

Collaboration made easy.

Work Better, Together

Collaboration across teams and departments doesn't have to be difficult.

Create personalised collections of links and circulate them quickly and easily with your colleagues, or share them outside of your organisation as part of pre-boarding, customer success, or external marketing.

First impressions last.

Onboard With Ease

Hiring the right talent is tough. Keeping them happy in their new roles is harder still.

HulerHub gives you the power to create a personalised and meaningful employee experience for everyone. Quickly build a customised workspace for new employees that’s tailored to their role within your organisation so they can hit the ground running from day one.

Your Work. Your Way.

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