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Internal Communications Made Easy & Engaging

The HulerHub internal communications platform enables the delivery of hyper relevant, audience managed content through a single source, along with push notifications to ensure your employees never miss a thing.

When you know, you know.

Personalised Internal Communications

Keeping teams informed across a distributed workforce can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to sharing relevant information at the right time.

With the HulerHub internal communications platform, you can create a variety of audiences based on organisational attributes like location, department, or team, so you can cut through the noise and distribute relevant targeted messages at the right time.
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Why HulerHub?

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Intuitive Interface

Forget overwhelm.

Everything In One Place

It’s difficult to get employees to stay up to date with the latest internal communications at the best of times. Especially if that information is scattered across various channels.

With our internal communications platforms, employees no longer have to wade through endless streams of content to find what they need. Instead, they can reach relevant content from one centralised place, and see what’s new in the notification centre.

Way better than free coffee.

Bring Your Culture To Life

Communicating your company’s vision and values is crucial for a united workforce. HulerHub’s internal communication features offer everything you need to roll out culture-driven comms that help employees feel connected and inspired.

Users can also bring their own personality to their digital workplace with gifs, images, and dark mode.

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Nothing but love for Huler

“By investing in our digital learning systems we can ensure our managers have real-time access to what they need, when they need it, to help their teams learn and develop."Hannah Thomson | TravelodgeChief People Officer
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Remote doesn't have to mean alone.

Inclusive, Intuitive & Individual

Without the right infrastructure in place, remote workers can feel isolated and disconnected. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

HulerHub provides a single platform for your organisation’s internal communications, knowledge base and documentation to improve the employee experience, boost engagement and streamline workflows.

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Never Miss A Beat

Email isn’t always effective at getting everyone on the same page. Your teams spend hours sifting through reams of confusing, sometimes irrelevant, threads to find important information that’s got lost in the noise.

The HulerHub internal communications platforms spotlights your internal comms and organises it in one easy to use place, making content easier to find and more engaging for everyone.

A graphic design of a white smartphone displaying the HulerHub Workplace with tiles for Slack, Sharepoint, Headspace, Travel and Onboarding.

Your Work. Your Way.

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