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Huler Tiles reimagines the most iconic parts of the connected software experience.

The industry defining tile experience helps to create a platform where you can store and link to your favourite digital content to be even more helpful and personal.

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Get the most current news and updates as soon as you log into Huler.

The featured dashboard will display admin defined content that is the most important to you and your organisation. Whether it’s a policy update, company wide news or information on a global pandemic you’ll find what you need on the featured page.

Drag and move your Tiles to create your perfect Dashboard

Save Tiles to your Library to access at any time

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Save your favourites easily and always have something to go back to.

Curate a safe place of links, articles, blogs, white papers, videos and tiles to digest in your own time and access wherever and whenever you want.

Share and collaborate your collections with friends and colleagues. (Coming Soon)

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    The grand central of Huler connects software like never before.

    • View Curated Tiles
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    • User Collections
    • Translations
    • SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
    • Real-Time Notifications
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    • Reduce wasted time +
    • Discover the Unknown +
    • Gaps inside the organisation +
    • One front door +
    • Managing a hybrid workforce +
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