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How to create maximum impact with a HulerHub takeover

Written by
Sophie Hibberd

You’ve likely found your way here because you’re already using HulerHub as your Employee Experience Platform.

If you’re not, be sure to visit our website to discover more about HulerHub and its incredible features.

In this blog, we’re diving into one of our favorite HulerHub features that fosters inclusivity and celebrates important events even within remote teams – HulerHub takeovers.

What is HulerHub?

In case you either new or unfamiliar with HulerHub, let’s recap quickly…

HulerHub is an Employee Experience Platform that acts as your digital window to all of your tools, systems, news, processes, and tech.

It’s completely customizable, which means users can customize what they see in their Hub so that they can work exactly where, how, and when they want.

HulerHub takeovers explained

At its core, a HulerHub takeover is about making an impact. It’s about taking the spotlight to showcase crucial topics and build awareness across your organization.

Whether it’s Mental Health Awareness Week, Pride Month, Independence Day, Diwali, or any event that matters to your people, a takeover is your canvas to communicate, educate and unite.

It’s a dynamic and engaging way to unite your people, no matter where they are based, and encourage conversations.

How takeovers cultivate inclusivity

Admins and HR teams wield the power to takeover the featured section of HulerHub to shine, and can seize the featured section a light on specific subjects, and can be audience managed so different teams see different content.

It’s a dynamic and engaging way to encourage conversations and drive initiatives.

But how do we make these takeovers so compelling?

The secret lies in creating visually engaging tiles that capture attention and resonate with your audience, whilst staying on brand.

Designing a captivating takeover

We sat down with our in-house graphic designer, Sophie Hibberd, who is the creative mind behind many of our eye-catching HulerHub takeovers, to uncover the strategies that boost engagement and brand alignment.

Success begins with a good brief

If you’re seeking support from your creative team, provide them with the context of your vision. Share preliminary ideas and concepts, as these initial sparks can ignite inspiration for your designers.

Remember, the path to innovation might take unexpected turns, so embrace the journey.

The challenge of designing an impactful takeover across multiple ties can be daunting, but the right concept and guidance can lead to astonishing results.

Huler’s visually-driven interface empowers designers to breathe life into their ideas, leaving your audience in awe.

Elevate with visual elements

Visuals are the heartbeat of your takeover. High-quality images are essential for a successful HulerHub takeover. You can opt for branded images to reinforce your brand identity and maintain a consistent experience.

Alternatively, explore the rich collection of stock images to find visuals that resonate with your message and style.

Don’t make assumptions – ask

Rather than make assumptions about the type of content to include in your takeover, speak to your people and ask more about their understanding or what content they would like to see.

Think about the lasting impact

A takeover’s purpose extends beyond attention-grabbing. It’s about creating a lasting impact.

Once your takeover wraps up, leverage your shared resources.

Collate them into a HulerHub collection for easy access for your audiences. Even once your takeover comes to an end, keep engagement alive by integrating the collection URL as a carousel file.

Insights and Informed Decisions

Evaluate your takeover’s performance.

HulerHub gives you important analytics to understand engagement and identify tiles that resonate most with your audience. By filtering the report by tile type, you’ll gain a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t to shape future takeovers.

Essentially, designing a takeover can be a really great opportunity to present information in a captivating way.

By harnessing HulerHub’s features and functionalities, and collaborating closely with your creative team and people, you can craft a takeover that makes an impact.

If you’d like to find out more about HulerHub and its features, speak to a member of the Huler team today.

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