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Happy Employees, Happy Customers: How Employee Experience Impacts your Brand (and Sales)

Written by
Suzi Archer

A strong brand is no longer just about catchy slogans and clever marketing campaigns. It’s about the entire experience a customer has with your company, from the moment they interact with your product or service to their ongoing relationship with your brand.  

But many businesses tend to overlook the crucial role employees play in shaping that overall brand experience.  

We caught up with Huler’s Director of Customer and Employee Experience, Suzi Archer, to find out what prioritising your employee experience (EX) is not just good for your staff, but essential for building a strong brand and boosting sales.  

EX and Brand

First, let’s break down the key terms:  

  • Employee Experience (EX) encompasses everything an employee goes through during their time with a company. From recruitment and onboarding, to development, recognition and ultimately departure.  
  • Brand is the overall image and perception a company holds in the public eye.  

Employer vs customer brand 

Companies often don’t align their employer and customer brand. Largely because HR and marketing teams don’t work closely together and have different goals and initiatives, but its also because companies often misunderstand the connection; underestimating the impact an employer brand has on customer perception.  

Bridging the gap 

By bridging the gap and aligning the customer and employer brand, companies can reap significant benefits in terms of reputation, talent acquisition, and customer loyalty.  

So aligning your EX and your brand is where the true magic happens. In fact, according to a recent IBM study, 89% of employees at companies that prioritise employee experience report a sense of pride and connect to their organisation.  

These happy and engaged employees then become brand ambassadors, projecting a positive image of the company through their interactions with customers and their online presence.  

The CX EX Alignment Advantage

Research by Qualtrics shows a strong correlation with companies with highly engaged employees scoring 10% higher on customer satisfaction metrics.  

And think about it: empowered and motivated employees are more passionate about their work and the company they represent. This translates into genuine interactions with customers, fostering loyalty and trust in the brand.  

Create champions from within

Ever wonder why some brands have a passionate following that goes beyond advertising? It often comes down to their employees. When employees feel valued and have positive experiences, they become natural brand advocates. They’re the inside scoop that share their stories and radiate pride where they work.  

People now crave authenticity and they trust the voice of an employee over a carefully crafted marketing message. So, by fostering a positive employee experience, you cultivate a legion of brand champions organically.  

Happy employees, happy customers  

As we’ve already touched upon, employee and customer experience are intertwined.  

Happy, engaged employees translate to happy and engaged service. Think of it like a smile – it’s contagious. A positive attitude creates a ripple effect, transforming your customer journey.  

Attract the right fit  

Today’s talent pool is savvy. They research your company culture extensively, from your careers page to employee LinkedIn profiles (stalker much?).  

When your current employees showcase positive experiences, it paints a pretty attractive picture and builds a desirable employer brand. This in turn will help you attract talent who share your values and are more likely to stick around.  

It’s a win-win – a happy workforce means lower turnover and a stronger team.  

Build a brand beyond marketing  

Employee experience, both good and bad, directly impact your brand reputation.  

Positive experience cultivates a strong company culture and establishes you as an employer of choice, but it doesn’t stop there – these experiences influence how customers, and even stakeholders, perceive you. Building a positive internal environment with good working conditions and clear roadmaps to success and strengthens your brand image as a socially responsible and desirable company.  

Unleash your team’s potential  

Lastly, empowered and engaged employees are innovation powerhouses. When they feel valued and supported, they’re more likely to share ideas, collaborate, and take initiative. This fosters a culture of innovation, leading to positive contributions and boosting productivity. Engaged employees are the engine that drives your brand’s reputation as an industry leader.  

Turning EX into Brand Advocacy

Below are just some tried and tested actionable ideas to start integrating your positive EX into your brand strategy, and vice versa:  

Showcase employee stories  

Feature employee achievements and success stories on your website and social media. This will help to humanise your brand and highlight the people behind the products or services.  

Encourage employee reviews  

Positive reviews on employer review sites like Glassdoor not only attracts top talent, but also demonstrates to potential customers that your company is a desirable place to work.  

Employer employees as brand ambassadors  

Train and encourage employees to share positive brand experiences and customer interactions on their personal social media channels.  

Real-World examples of EX Building Brands  


Renowned for its excellent customer service, Zappos (a US online shoe and clothing retailer) also take pride in their core belief that employee happiness leads to business success. 

Their employer brand is built on a foundation of positive employee experience. For example, their rigorous onboarding process ensures that new hires truly understand their brand’s vision and values.  

They’ve also implemented programs like extensive training, a culture of empowerment and a focus on collaboration to achieve this, and it’s certainly reflected in the ‘wow’ experience they deliver for their customers. Check it out.  

Southwest Airlines  

Southwest is known for it’s friendly and fun-loving flight attendants, and by creating a positive work environment that celebrates individuality, they cultivate a unique brand personality that resonates with their customers.  

Investing in EX is investing in your brand 

By prioritising your employee experience, you create a ripple effect that strengthens your brand and ultimately drives sales.  

Happy employees become brand ambassadors, projecting a positive image and delivering exceptional customer experience.  

As Suzi quite rightly put it: “Employees are the heart and soul of your company – invest in them, and you’ll see your brand thrive.” 

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