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Engage Your Employees From Anywhere

HulerHub is a simple, flexible employee engagement platform that unites your internal comms, content, and resources alongside actionable insights into what makes your people tick.

Keep it simple.

What You Need Is What You See

Legacy systems are top-down and non-intuitive. The result? Employees don’t engage and performance suffers. HulerHub drives employee engagement, offering one of the quickest times to value thanks to its clean UX with no unnecessary bells and whistles.

In just 2 clicks or less, employees can get to what they need, improving productivity and engagement in remote, hybrid and on-site teams.

Why HulerHub?

Increase ProductivityLightning Bolt+25% Faster
Intuitive Interface

One size never fits all.

Make Space For Personalisation

HulerHub makes space for users to bring their whole selves to work. Users can choose between light and dark mode, manage notifications and create their own digital workspace of quick links to all of their cloud-based systems and content - regardless of vendor.

I want to break free!

Less Distractions, Higher Engagement

Traditional employee engagement platforms don’t address the needs of a modern workforce. Distracting email inboxes, maze-like intranets and inefficient meetings get in the way of productivity every day.

HulerHub minimises distractions and maximises engagement to create a focused digital work environment that keeps your people in the loop without overwhelming them.

Everyone’s talking about us, and there’s...

Nothing but love for Huler

“By investing in our digital learning systems we can ensure our managers have real-time access to what they need, when they need it, to help their teams learn and develop."Hannah Thomson | TravelodgeChief People Officer

I'm only human, after all...

People First, Always

Your people actively disengage when they don’t feel included in what’s happening across the business.

The HulerHub user experience is familiar and highly visual, allowing employees to clearly find what they need and engage with content that's relevant to them.

You *can* handle the truth!

Invaluable Insights

You have a great plan for engaging employees and helping them perform at their best, but you need to know how they work. You could ask them, but that would be time-consuming...and you might not always get an honest answer.

HulerHub provides real-time insights into the ways your people work, from their most productive times to the content they frequently interact with, so you can keep improving the employee experience every day.

Your Work. Your Way.

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